EDL11000SE YAMAHA 8800W Diesel Generator

EDL11000SE YAMAHA 8800W Diesel Generator
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EDL11000SE YAMAHA 8800W Diesel Generator

Super silenced
The use of an oversized capacity radiator on the EDL Series generators, a super heavy duty muffler and a low speed fan ensures market leading low operating noise levels. A tuned air cleaner hose plus double element air cleaners further reduce suction noise to make sure these generators are the quietest available on the market and are built for the toughest environment.
Easy maintenance
The fuel capacity on the EDL Series of generators has been increased to 28 litres for extended working applications. Control panels are centrally located and easy to use, providing full operating information at a glance. Single sided maintenance reduces the operator’s workload and makes checking the oil, fuel, cooling water and battery levels a simple operation. Transportability is made easy with special forklift openings on the base of the unit as well as a one point lifting eye.
A large capacity sump ensures that oil change levels are extended to 200hr intervals to reduce downtime and operating costs and a fully enclosed breathing system minimises splashback. Double element air cleaners are standard allowing the generators to be used in dusty or sandy environments.
Another benefit of the generator and engine being direct coupled is that there is no drive belt to adjust or maintain on these models.
Compact design
Based on the cutting edge Japanese technology the EDL Series of generators achieve their compact design and superior performance by direct coupling the alternator to the engine.
Easy view control panels
Control panels are centrally located and easy  to use, providing full information at a glance. Detachable forklift sides
The units overall height can be decreased even more by removing the forklift slides for built-in applications.
Optional accessories
A remote control start kit is available for convenient starting in power out situations. Part # EDL-RSK

Easy on the environment
The ETVCS vertical diesel engine which powers the EDL Series of generators are designed to meet the strictest standards which include the USA UPA Emission Control Tier 4 regulations. The concave recess on the piston head helps Yamaha’s ETVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) generate three intense swirling air flow (vortexes) within the spherical-combustion chamber to obtain an optimum air/fuel mixture. This superb combustion system improves the power output, fuel economy, and engine start-ups while reducing both noise and toxic emissions.

Safety measures
The EDL Series of generators provide covers for the engine cooling fan and generator for safer operation. An automatic shutdown is activated if water temperature is too high or oil pressure drops below a safe operating level and a Starter Safety System prevents the starter engaging again after initial start.

Superb power to weight ratio
The EDL Series offers 50% more output with only 10% overall increase in cabinet size versus other generators in the market.

The best in the business
The new super mini vertical diesel engines are water cooled and have increased performance for dependable horsepower and when directly coupled to the generator, provide continuous power output levels with minimum power loss.

+ EDL11000SE Generators have a 3 Year Warranty!

8000 8800 Electric 1281 x 618 x 698 295 28 8.5 3

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